Why Advance Youth Radio 99.9 FM?

South Sudan gained independence on 9th July 2011. As such the media industry is underdeveloped compared to many countries in the region. Further, poor infrastructure inhibits circulation of printed media particularly to the states, while lack of central power does affect radio transmission. Radio is the main source of news and entertainment. There are a handful of Radios in South Sudan but there is no radio in Juba, or the country specifically designated for the youth. Therefore, Advance Youth Radio will operate in this niche market, satisfying the interest of the youth. It is a subsidiary of Advance South Sudan (ADVANCE) a youth led non-profit organization founded in 2012 with its head quarter in Juba, South Sudan. Advance Youth Radio 99.9 FM has a fully equipped On-Air and production studio with 1000W transmission power covering over 65 KM radius beyond Juba and highly motivated youthful team. The radio strictly adheres to community broadcasting’ guiding principles of access, diversity, localisms (media pluralism) and independence. The station broadcasts primarily in Jubek State (Juba), and will gradually expand country wide as it become successful.

About Us

Advance Youth Radio 99.9 FM is a community Development media agency and a subsidiary of Advance South Sudan organization. The station enjoys the support of the youth, local community groups, the government as well as Non-governmental agencies. Advance Youth Radio is a new station as such, it will need to meet public acceptance. To that end, the station is tirelessly working to determine trends in the industry, the needs of the beneficiaries, and how to best address their needs. The primary goal of the stations is to utilizes the power of media and communication to champion youth empowerment by giving new, fresh talent a chance to express their skills and offering them roles and a platform to showcase their work that wouldn’t have been offered by other stations. The radio also aims to support civil society organizations with dissemination of life-changing information and opportunities to have a stronger voice in their own development by promoting their education, human rights and health campaigns.

In our first year of operation, we believe we can achieve a high level of audience and ensure sustainability by capitalizing on youth programs that other partner stations do not offer. Advance Youth Radio (99.9 FM) will train up youth to operate the station and provide innovative content daily. Advance Youth Radio 99.9 FM, pioneers’ innovative programs that tackles specific issues cutting across Art & culture, Health rights (Sexual Reproductive Health Rights-SRHR), entrepreneurship and round table discussions on current affairs aimed to help reduce poverty and support young people in understanding their rights.


The Vision of Advance Youth Radio is “Empowered, well informed and innovative youth”. AYR seeks to empower the youth, teach them innovation and entertain young people through the power of music, culture and art opening the doors through the entertainment industries, not only that we want to help 16 to 35-year old become more employable and help them to get the best start in life.


To become the leading Youth radio in South Sudan by utilizing the latest technology and innovation to champion youth engagement in community issues.


To empower and entertain the youth of South Sudan through the power of Art and culture (music, dance and drama) to open their door and encourage them to be creative to reach their potential. to achieve this objective, periodic listeners surveys will be conducted to identify certain contents that are not currently being provided by the radios in existence. This will create opportunities for the youth to exploit.

Provide youth and the local population with up to date information and news. The radio will be a tool to communicate to the youth about social events, stories that matter to them and how they can get involved in meaningful initiatives that matter to their lives and communities instead of joining criminal groups and become a burden to society.

Support non-governmental agencies with dissemination of information and promoting their education, human rights and health campaigns

Engaging the youth in something productive, will discourage them from thinking of becoming part of the conflict, and therefore they become a solution to peace in the country.

The Youth Radio project will benefit the youth and society, as they will be engaged in issues that interest them.


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